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If you would like to give birth in the Alternative Birth Care Unit, you must be cared for by an obstetrician, family physician or certified nurse midwife with obstetrical privileges at Providence Hospital. You will be required to complete our educational program that prepares you and your family for labor, birth, baby care and early discharge (see Guidelines and Requirements).

Working with your personal physician or nurse midwife, our professional staff of experienced perinatal nurses is committed to helping you and your family create the birth experience you seek. Teaching, sharing and caring, our nurses are dedicated to the concept of total family-centered care. We make ourselves available not just at the time of birth, but during your pregnancy as well, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want to do whatever we can to make your birth comfortable, satisfying and pleasant, and we work with you to help decide our role in your birth. Because we respect your privacy, we can be merely a stand-by support system if that is what you wish, or we can be a more active participant if you prefer.

As much as possible, we work on a one-on-one basis with our families. We try to have the same nurse with your family throughout most of your labor.

Committed to the family concept of childbirth, our Unit is designed to be comfortable, open, family-oriented and flexible. You may wish to wear your own clothes if you wish. Our attractively decorated rooms – more like bedrooms than hospital rooms – are comfortably furnished with CD players, televisions, refrigerators, easy chairs and queen-sized beds. Jacuzzi tubs are also available to increase a mother’s comfort level in labor. We provide the option for you to include your other children in this important experience if you wish. Visitors are welcome anytime during your stay, and you may choose to invite grandparents, other family members or friends to be with you during the birth or after.

Meals are provided for mothers. Our new On Request program will allow you to choose your meal and meal time. There is a small kitchen, equipped with a microwave oven to make food preparation for family members more convenient. You may bring in any food you wish. Juice and soda are available to you. Tell your nurse of any special dietary needs you have. Visitors may obtain snacks and beverages from the Hospital cafeteria (ground floor) or the vending machines in the 3rd floor Family Lounge.

"Thank you, Mary and ABC for such a beautiful birthing experience. Zoe Rose was born on June 10th weighing in at a whopping 10lb 12oz and 23.5 inches long! I could not have imagined a better birth. Mary, Dee, Judith and all: Thank you so much for making us feel so comfortable and honoring our birth choices and empowering us to have a peaceful, healthy, beautiful birth. I'm HIGHLY recommending the ABC to all of my pregger family and friends! We love you all!!"

- Katie Feldpausch