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One of the most important features of the Alternative Birth Care Unit is our non-separation policy. Uninterrupted skin-to-skin is encouraged the first hour after birth, with babies allowed to initiate breastfeeding in their own time.

We encourage you to keep your new baby at your side at all times (unless, of course, a medical problem arises). All necessary care is done at the family bedside. Until you are discharged, you can care for your newborn infant in the warm, intimate circle of your family and friends. We keep any intrusions to a minimum, because we know this is a special time for you to be with your baby. Also, dad and other family members of your choice may stay overnight with you.

We ask that all visitors are respectful of the needs of the other families. Use of alcohol or other drugs and excessive noise are not acceptable.

"Scarlett Kimberly Holmes born March 22nd at 1:04 am! More thank you’s than we could ever express to the nurses and midwives at the ABC. We had a wonderful birth experience and it was all possible thanks to all your hard work, compassion, and dedication! We love you...thank you!"

- Jessie Short