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After the birth of your baby, the mother:

  • Has her vital signs monitored frequently
  • May eat as soon as she likes
  • Should walk as soon as she likes – but with a nurse present for the first time
  • Will be encouraged to nurse the baby as soon as possible
  • Must attain specific criteria for discharge:
    • Stable vital signs
    • Firm uterus with no excessive bleeding
    • Must be able to care for her infant and be physically self-sufficient
  • Must be able to urinate on her own
  • Receives appropriate follow-up for Rh-negative blood

The baby:

  • Is monitored for temperature, heart rate and respiration at regular intervals
  • Must be examined by a pediatrician or family practitioner selected by the family. (The Unit notifies the physician of the birth)
  • Can be circumcised in the Unit prior to discharge, if this is your preference
  • Some providers offer in-office circumcision following discharge. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their OB provider
  • Must achieve the following standards to remain with the family in the Alternative Birth Care Unit:
    • Apgar score of at least seven at five minutes
    • Birth weight of five lbs
    • Normal vital signs